We are thrilled when LabCandy makes the news, not only because it helps spread the word about our venture, but because with each mention, the issue of gender disparity in STEM moves more into the forefront of our social discourse. Such increased awareness moves us closer to identifying effective strategies for encouraging more girls’ interest in the world of science and helps to make LabCandy’s mission become a reality.

2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award: Gold Medal (book with merchandise) to Ava & The Copper Key

Independent Publisher/Jenkins Group

October 6, 2015

“Celebrating Youthful Curiosity, Discovery and Learning through Books and Reading” Jenkins Group is proud to announce the winners... Read More

Announcing Her Campus’s 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring College Women 2015

Her Campus

September 29, 2015

This spring, we at Her Campus set out to find 22 ambitious, talented, and big-thinking current college women to recognize as 2015’s 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring College Women. After receiving 945 powerful nominations, culling through their uber-impressive applications, conducting moving interviews, and speaking with the most glowing of references, we could not be more in awe of the truly aspirational group at which we arrived.... Read More

22 Amazingly Inspirational Female Undergraduates

September 29, 2015

These brilliant, accomplished women (selected by Her Campus Media) are already making the world a better place.... Read More

Glamour’s Top 10 College Women 2015: Olivia Pavco-Giaccia – She Gives STEM a Little Sparkle.

Glamour Magazine

April 8, 2015

In 2011 Pavco-Giaccia was interning at a Stanford lab,... Read More

Beating Science Myths, One Bedazzled Pair of Lab Goggles At A Time

SweetyHigh Girl Power/STEM

February 8, 2015

Yesterday, we shared an interview with LabCandy founder Olivia Pavco-Giaccia, who created a company that creates stylish lab goggles and coats and matches them with science storybooks to empower girls to embrace... Read More

This Tiny Change Can Make You Fall In Love With Science

SweetyHigh Girl Power/STEM

February 7, 2015

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is the founder of LabCandy, a company that pairs brightly colored lab gear with science storybooks to encourage young girls to pursue science. We spoke with Olivia to discover why science inspires... Read More

Yale Seeks Crowdsourcing Expansion

Yale Daily News

February 6, 2015

Colorful lab coats, cardboard desks and an eco-friendly treehouse tell the story of Yale’s successful venture into crowdfunding. Since fall 2014, the University has created a Kickstarter page that displays... Read More

What are you doing this summer?


January 20, 2015

Meet Olivia! Name: Olivia Pavco-Giaccia College/Yr: Jonathan Edwards College, 2016 Major: Cognitive Science What are you doing this summer? Through a Fellowship at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, I... Read More

Leading Women Spotlight

Kappa Alpha Theta

December 28, 2014

December 2015 Spotlight Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is the CEO and founder of LabCandy, a startup company that produces fashionable lab gear for young girls to encourage them to pursue the sciences. Dedicated to inspiring... Read More

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’12: Changing the Face of Math and Science

The Potomac Term Magazine

December 23, 2014

Two alumnae are creating new kids’ ventures inspired by their days at Potomac “Close your eyes and picture a scientist,” Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’12 told a room full of executives of Yale’s Entrepreneurial... Read More

Yale entrepreneur hopes to instill confidence in young scientists by Susan Gonzalez

Yale News Student Spotlight

November 18, 2014

It’s the first day of school in a brand new city for Ava Margaret Avignoli, and something strange is going on. The third-grader notices muddy footprints that lead to a secret door in the back of Corridor C. Ava... Read More

Everybody Has A Story – LabCandy Founder Olivia Pavco-Giaccia

Yale TV

October 31, 2014

Everybody Has a Story with LabCandy Founder Olivia Pavco-Giaccia '16 Click Here for watching... Read More

LabCandy: Disrupting the Scientist Stereotype, in Style

Flint People

October 14, 2014

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is a student at Yale and the founder of LabCandy, a startup that creates funky lab wear for young girls. What started as a pair of lab goggles she had jazzed-up and posted to her blog while in... Read More

Inspiring Woman Leader Spotlight on Olivia Pavco-Giaccia by Megan Foo

Women LEAD Nepal

October 1, 2014

Interview by Megan Foo Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is a junior at Yale University, studying Cognitive Science. An advocate for girls in science, Olivia is the Founder and CEO of LabCandy, a social enterprise venture with... Read More

Lab Candy Surpasses Fundraising Goal by Rachel Siegel

Yale Daily News

September 24, 2014

By Rachel Siegel StaFF REPORTER When Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’16 packed her bags for her junior year at Yale, her focus hardly revolved around cardboard boxes and rolling suitcases. Instead, Pavco-Giaccia’s... Read More

Women in STEM Podcast by Sarah Worsham

Lady Paragons

September 11, 2014

Lady Paragons, Women In STEM podcast, episode 7 - Interview with Olivia Pavco-Giaccia, Founder & CEO of LabCandy and Junior in Cognitive Sciences at Yale... Read More

When Sally Met Kickstarter …

Talent Management

September 3, 2014

A recent report shows female entrepreneurs have a higher rate of success on crowdfunding platforms than their male counterparts. Whether you’re planning on completely transforming the world as we know it or you... Read More

How One Teacher Changed My Life #InspiredSTEM


August 30, 2014

My passion for science was fueled by a series of incredible teachers. In particular, Mary Cahill and Denise Reitz.Ms. Cahill was my middle school biology teacher, and her enthusiasm for biology was infectious.  Ms.... Read More

LabCandy Kickstarter Aims to Get Girls Excited About Science

August 28, 2014

Picture a scientist and what comes to mind? I bet it’s Einstein. Or Doc. Brown from “Back to the Future.” Or maybe a perfect combination of the two like this guy: Olivia Pavco-Giaccia thinks that’s a problem.... Read More

Yale Student Creates LabCandy for Female Scientists

WTNH/ABC News Channel 8

August 27, 2014

Olive Pavco Giaccia, a junior at Yale University, is studying Neurobiology…she loves science and wants young girls to embrace it too. As a kid in high school interning in a California lab,and being the only woman in... Read More

Tune In Tomorrow For A Big Surprise!

WTNH/ABC News Channel 8

August 26, 2014

If you live in Connecticut, check out WTNH tomorrow at 10pm and watch our CEO, Olivia, chat about LabCandy!  Olivia sat down with the incredible Ann Nyberg to discuss LabCandy's past, present, and future. Tune in,... Read More

LabCandy Science Ed for Girls Launches Fundraiser

CURE-Connecting Connecticut’s Science Community

August 25, 2014

LabCandy is a social enterprise venture whose mission is to help get young girls more interested in science. In collaboration with the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, LabCandy makes available to girls (ages kindergarten... Read More

LabCandy Turns to Kickstarter to Create New Young Girl Scientist Image

CrowdFund Insider

August 25, 2014

Ready make a few changes to the famous nerdy scientist image, Yale University student Olivia Pavco-Giaccia has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for her new company, LabCandy. Originally seeking only $20,000... Read More

LabCandy: Making Science Accessible to Young Girls

VolunTEEN Nation

August 25, 2014

If I have one hope for the future, it is to see an equal representation of men and women in science industries across the world. I wish that in the near future, science industries will see women at the helm of... Read More

Arlington Native Hopes to Break the Scientist Stereotype with LabCandy by Kimberly Suiters


August 21, 2014

ARLINGTON, Va. (WNEW) — White lab coat. Thick goggles. Maybe geeky. Probably male. The stereotype of a scientist is fairly well set, but a young Arlingtonian is trying to shake that up. “I like to shake things... Read More

LabCandy: This is What a Scientist Looks Like Blog

National Girls Collaborative Project

August 19, 2014

Contributed by Olivia Pavco-Giaccia As a young girl, I never believed that I was a 'science' kid, until I took Ms. Mary Cahill's 6th grade class. Not only did we work together in teams with lots of hands-on activities,... Read More

“Pavco-Giaccia Knows How to Make Her Pitch.”

Yale Daily News

April 8, 2014

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’16 knows how to make her pitch. “Close your eyes,” she says to her audience of potential business partners and investors. “Picture a scientist.” The group responds with descriptions of... Read More

LabCandy Attracts Ladies to Sciences

Best Education News

April 8, 2014

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’16 knows how to make her pitch. “Close your eyes,” she says to her audience of likely company partners and investors. “Picture a scientist.” The group responds with descriptions of... Read More

LabCandy Attracts Girls to Sciences

Yale Daily News

April 8, 2014

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’16 knows how to make her pitch. “Close your eyes,” she says to her audience of potential business partners and investors. “Picture a scientist.” The group responds with descriptions... Read More

Scientist Chic: Fashion Accessories Every Mom Will Want for Her Daughter


March 9, 2014

Scientist Chic: Fashion Accessories Every Mom Will Want for Her Daughter The new startup LabCandy aims to draw young girls to science with sparkly goggles, funky lab coats and storybooks. When you close your eyes... Read More

Stylish Science: How One Yale Startup is Drawing Girls to Stem.

Yale Entrepreneur

December 18, 2013

It all began when Olivia Pavco-Giaccia ’16 was a junior in high school. While she was working in a neurobiology lab, Pavco-Giaccia documented her experience in a blog entitled “LabCandy: A Girl’s Guide to Some... Read More

A Bold Venture

Yale Herald News

November 1, 2013

The old Winchester Repeating Arms factory sits just a block away from the Yale Divinity Quadrangle. Nestled in a new, modern industrial park, the recently refurbished space is the result of a concerted effort by the... Read More

Entrepreneurs make their Pitches at Demo Day

Yale Alumni Magazine

August 2, 2013

Can you convince the world that the idea you have is worth thinking about, that you're the person worth investing in, and that people should join you in your adventure?... Read More

Yale Student Startups on Display at the 2013 Demo Day

Yale Entrepreneurial Institute

July 24, 2013

The 2013 Demo Day from the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute on Thursday, July 24—broadcast live from Kroon Hall for the first time—showcased student ventures that were in many cases already several steps up the... Read More

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