Arlington Native Hopes to Break the Scientist Stereotype with LabCandy by Kimberly Suiters



ARLINGTON, Va. (WNEW) — White lab coat. Thick goggles. Maybe geeky. Probably male. The stereotype of a scientist is fairly well set, but a young Arlingtonian is trying to shake that up.

“I like to shake things up,” Yale student Olivia Pavko-Giaccia says.

People passing by Pavko-Giaccia, who was bitten by the science bug while she was a student at the Potomac School in McLean, can’t help but comment on her multi-colored lab coat and bejeweled goggles.

The 20-year-old CEO of LabCandy LLC, which launched a Kickstarter campaign this month, hopes to help every little girl picture herself as a scientist.

Right now, an $80 LabCandy package includes the coat, the decorate-it-yourself goggles, a storybook, and hopefully a seed that will steer young girls to science.

Pavko-Giaccia and a team of classmates at Yale are trying to reach girls in kindergarten through third grade, early enough so they don’t have time to form the stereotype.

August 21, 2014