Leading Women Spotlight



December 2015 Spotlight

Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is the CEO and founder of LabCandy, a startup company that produces fashionable lab gear for young girls to encourage them to pursue the sciences. Dedicated to inspiring young girls to join the next generation of scientists and innovators, this social enterprise encourages creativity, confidence and leadership skills. LabCandy products include a bedazzled lab coat, a do-it-yourself goggle kit, and a story book.

With help from the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, Olivia successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign this past summer to help raise funds to begin factory production. The campaign was so successful that LabCandy reached its funding goal in less than three days, and ended up raising more than $30,000.

A junior at Yale, Olivia is majoring in cognitive science and concentrating on gender and decision-making.

December 28, 2014