What are you doing this summer?



Meet Olivia! Name: Olivia Pavco-Giaccia College/Yr: Jonathan Edwards College, 2016 Major: Cognitive Science What are you doing this summer? Through a Fellowship at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, I founded a social enterprise venture called “LabCandy” whose mission is to encourage young girls’ interest in STEM. Targeted at girls ages kindergarten through third grade, LabCandy packages funky lab coats and colorful DIY goggles with an age-appropriate storybook featuring our spunky characters who go on an adventure, run into some wacky problem, and solve it using science. The coats and goggles made available to our young girl readers are the same coats and goggles worn by our animated storybook characters. I recently wrote LabCandy’s first storybook called “Ava and The Copper Key,” and am preparing for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. Our talented crew just finished a very cool video that we’ll use for Kickstarter and for future promotions. You can see more of what we’ve been up to at www.labcandy.com. What’s your favorite thing about NHV in the summer? Coming from the DC area, I appreciate New Haven’s cool summer evenings and proximity to the Sound. As I’m working on my own start-up, it’s wonderful to have the support of Yale’s and New Haven’s vibrant entrepreneurial community.

January 20, 2015