We are working day and night so that LabCandy’s products will soon be available for purchase. As we move ahead, we’d like your feedback on what you think so far:

Our colorful jackets are one-size-fits-most, modeled to fit girls in the size ranges of sizes 2/4 through 10/12.

Our goggles are kid-sized and patterned to complement our jackets.

Our storybooks are tailored to appeal to children ages kindergarten through Grade 3. They feature animated, girl scientists who embark on adventures using science. At the end of each storybook, there is a do-it-yourself demonstration card that allows the reader to re-create the same scientific principle that the storybook character used in the book.

We plan to offer each of these items in two ways: for sale individually – or- for sale as a packaged “combo pack” set comprised of a lab coat, matching goggles, and storybook.

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