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Interactive Storybook “Ava and the Copper Key”

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Our Interactive Storybook “Ava and the Copper Key” - Ava Margaret Avignoli would rather face a Black Caiman Reptile than her first day at a new school, but after her mom takes a job in the big city, Ava doesn’t have a choice.  The hallways of Baimbridge Academy turn out to be even trickier than she imagined and, before long, Ava discovers a trail of dirty footprints that lead straight to the school’s abandoned Corridor C.  The school’s fishy janitor, Mr. Mackerel, warns Ava to stay away from the Corridor’s locked door, but is his warning really a scheme to cover up a big secret?  Read about Ava’s adventures, and try out some of her funky experiments! This storybook contains fun, interactive pages where readers can write in Ava’s science journal, create their own hypotheses, and help Ava save the day.  As Ava navigates the trials of friendship, school, and science class, she discovers a powerful truth: if you love science, then YOU are what a scientist looks like!

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