The Girls Behind the Goggles

Today I was reading through our old post, and I realized that we haven’t properly introduced ourselves.
My name is Olivia. My best-friend MayLi and I conceived of LabCandy together a few years ago. In order to understand our company, you need to know a little more about us! Lets start at the very beginning…
May and I first met when we were kindergardeners at St. Patricks Episcopal Day school, over 13 years ago! We became best-friends the minute we met on the playground, and we’ve stuck together despite different high-schools and now far away colleges. I can’t imagine someone I would rather start a company with.
That’s us on the end. Aww we’re so cute!
May and I first dreamed up LabCandy summer of our junior year of high school. The idea sprang from a blog that I had been working on (check out my last post for more info on this). When senior year came around, May was busy with early decision college applications and I was working on writing my research paper for the Siemens science competition, so LabCandy got pushed to the back burner. In the meantime we got a chance to do a lot of cool stuff! May got into her dream school, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she started taking studio classes to better her goal of becoming a awesome industrial designer.
Drawing 1-1
Aren’t her sketches awesome? She’s the coolest.I also spent a good chunk of time trying to further my passion – getting more girls interested in science! I managed to work with some really cool people/organizations including:

-SciGirls, a nationally broadcasted PBS kids Emmy award winning TV show dedicated towards getting middle school girls involved in science.
- National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), a collection of collaboratives designed to reach girl serving STEM organizations and promote gender equity through better educating the educators.
-The Potomac School Science Club, a club I co-founded with two of my girlfriends sophomore year of high school. The club included both genders, though we paid special attention to getting girls involved. Running the club gave me a chance to play the educator, and to learn about things such as how/where teachers purchase lab equipment!
-many various student panels such as one nationally broadcasted by the JASON Argonauts for National Geographic regarding how electronics might be used to encourage girls to participate more in STEM classrooms.
-I got to work with Natalie Angier!! She’s a best-selling author and pulitzer prize winning science columnist for the New York Times (also one of my personal heroes).
In addition to the work I did promoting girls’ interest in science, I also spent time behind the lab bench doing my own research work alongside some phenomenal professors. Sophomore year I worked at the Lombardozzi cancer research center in Dr. Maria Avantagiatti’s lab studying oncology, and the summer of my junior year I worked in a neurobiology lab at Stanford looking at the effects of anesthesia on the brain. My subsequent paper on the effects of ethanol alcohol on GABAA receptors in the Hippocampus was lucky enough to place in the Siemens competition.
I feel so blessed to have worked and formed relationships with all these incredible people who are now so excited about Lab Candy! With our amazing mentors in the girls in STEM community and now our amazing mentors in the Yale community, May and I are ready to make LabCandy happen!
Yay! Cue triumphant music.
Keep checking back here for more LabCandy info/updates!!


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