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Hi All! We’re Lab Candy. We help get young girls interested in science through creative lab gear!stock-photo-20078191-young-scientist

When most people think about science, they envision the stereotypical image of Albert Einstein – an old guy with crazy hair in a white lab coat and thick plastic goggles. For young girls, this image can seem intimidating and maybe even a little disassociating.
You see, as young female scientists ourselves, we know what it’s like to look at science and see something foreign and unfamiliar. A typical scientist doesn’t look like us – right now, science looks distinctly male. At Lab Candy, we are here to change all that!
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                                                                                                     That’s us.
We’ve taken something boring and uncool (lab goggles,) and turned them into a fashionable statement through which girls can express their individuality. Our goal is to make science more more personal and accessible for young girls through creative lab gear, and we think our new goggle line is just the ticket!
Here’s some info about us…
Right now, Lab Candy consists of two people: MayLi and Olivia (that’s me). MayLi is an incredible industrial design major from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she is the mastermind behind the beautiful customization of our goggles. I’m a student here at Yale, and together we have been selected to take part in the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s summer fellowship program! Yay!!
Jun 3, 2013 3-06-36 PM
Basically we get to sit/work in a room filled with eight other really cool ventures and ask some incredible mentors all of our tough questions. It’s awesome!
Jun 3, 2013 3-27-12 PM
This is our desk. Right now, all of Lab Candy creation/planning/dreaming/eating/sleeping takes place at this desk. Sorry my hair is so long. I’ve been growing it out to sell it to pay for goggle rhinestones (haha JK not really though).
I first got this idea when I was working for a neurobiology lab in Stanford and simultaneously blogging through the center for talented youth’s young blogger initiative. My blog was called “Lab Candy, a girl’s guide to some seriously sweet science” and I wrote fun posts trying to get young girls interested in science. Basically, I took my experiences in the lab and wrote about them in a way that was meant to appeal to middle school girls. Sound familiar? LOL
One day I wrote a post on lab safety, and for the thumbnail photo I used a picture of myself wearing some bedazzled lab goggles I had made. I didn’t even mention the goggles in my actual post, yet on that one picture alone I got tons of comments! Young girls all over the country wanted to know where they could buy the goggles/ how to make them. In that moment, Lab Candy was born!
Now we are trying to make our dreams a reality! Right now Lab Candy is just a few pairs of goggles and an idea, but one day we hope to have a whole line of lab gear, designed by/for girls. Our goal is to launch on Kickstarter before the end of this summer, so we’ll need your help! Tell everyone you know, and keep checking in. Together, we’ll get more girls interested in science!!!

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